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This journal entry will be about the progress report on the upcoming pay comic Full Moon Tune. The comic about a pudgy girl named Chaand who, despite her best efforts, can't seem to shrug off the weight her body placed on her. But one night under a full moon, after a small wish alongside her male friend, she'll grow to become the beautiful woman she always wanted to be. Just...a 60 foot tall version OF said woman.

Based on an idea by :iconnightmaredude67:, the comic will be drawn by newcomer :iconixentrick:. I've even already had two sketches done of Chaand by the artist.……

Buy the comic right now at!…

It will be sold in the future on deviantART as well for 400 points.

If I break even, I might resurrect my uneven growth girl superheroine concept.

This post will be updated each time an update is made, until the comic is completed!

Update 7/25/2017: 1/8 pages inked, 2nd page sketched, comic fully paid for.
Update 8/1/2017: 1/8 pages inked, 3rd and 4th comic pages sketched.
Update 8/5/2017: 2/8 pages inked.
Update 8/7/2017: Whole comic sketched!
Update 8/14/2017: 3/8 pages inked.
Update 8/19/2017: 5/8 pages inked.
Update 8/20/2017: 6/8 pages inked.
Update 8/21/2017: 7/8 pages inked.
Update 8/22/2017: Comic complete!
Update 8/23/2017: Comic now out for sale!
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This is the UnevenLove Club. This club is dedicated to the uneven growth/shrinking of girls/guys in art, whether fanart, original characters, Flash, Poser, or even animated. They can be either sequences or stand-alone pictures - as long as uneven growth/shrink is shown in some form. Giant head, really long hair, gigantic butt, or even the reversal in size - if you can find it, we want to share it!

Here are the rules:

1.) No Photoshopped images of real-life women with edited body part sizes will be accepted. Ever. (This also includes morphs.)

2.) BE (breast expansion) is allowed, but only if it's a sequence. Stand-alone BE will be deleted due to the high amount already on dA. (Exception: uneven BE.)

3.) Due to multiple clubs already dedicated to feet, only sequences involving growing feet will be accepted from now on. Standalone giant feet will be deleted (exception: other big body parts with them).

4.) Please be aware that weight gain is not the same thing as uneven growth. Standalone cartoony big stomaches and such is fine, but traditional weight gain sequences - even giantess ones - will be shot down/deleted.

5.) If you're advertising a comic with uneven growth/shrinking in it, I will only add it on here if the entire comic advertised is about uneven growth/shrinking. Any further ones where it's regulated to just a page or two will no longer be advertised in this club. I'm sorry.

With that said, I hope you all enjoy yourselves, and help make this club bigger and bigger over time.








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